The sinner game by Larry_Dreamer Version 0.60



This is a story about a good boy who decided to become bad, with a help of his personal demon. In the course of actions, the main character will get some nasty abilities and use supernatural power provided by the demon. In the process… many girls and women will be under his power.
Fixed the drinking game with Lara… Although, the hints given by players did not allow me to repeat the error, I have found one error and fixed it. The bug may still persist… Please, provide me as much information as you can in this case.

Rubi’s and Vanessa’s missions clash for Angela. This slightly changes the sequence of steps for Vanessa, but just a bit. I hope the fix does the job. If you still experience the problem – provide more info to me, please.

Badness level jumps over 40 without letting you to learn Drinking. Some strange code was fixed, but I am not sure if this was the cause. More hints are required if the error persists.

The hints for the Ted’s favourite song now change correctly. After 5th attempt to drink with Ted he will spill the beans and give you the name of the song.

– Two new girls, fully playable and abusable: Tessa Clyton (find her after raising Joe’s badness level up to 50) and Helen Coombs .
– Plus, a couple of free erotic scenes have been added.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 160 MB

Download game: