How To Build A Harem Version 0.1.3


How To Build A Harem

The story of How To Build A Harem takes place in a high-fantasy medieval world where you play as a demon lord with a knack for explosion magic. You’re an accomplished mage that enjoys a good training montage. Unfortunately, one of your blasts landed a little too close to civilization and wiped out your estranged Uncle while he was carting a wagon of ale back to the adventurer’s guild he owned Luckily for you, he died without a will and you just happened to be his next of kin

0.1.3 is here rather quickly. Just finished updating some images and adding a new h-scene with sera. The grimoire has also been added to the game, but is still in the works of course. Further tweaks to the information stats screen have been done, as well some minor adjustments to guild upgrade pricing.

Developer: Studio Mystic
Platform: Windows
Language: English
How To Build A Harem Version: 0.1.3
Censored: No
Size: 1330 mb

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