Risque Vice Version 0.1.3


Risqu Vice


It’s a game about a girl called Rebecca – or “Becca” – if you prefer. She’s a cute and adorable girl who’s facing a bad economic situation. You have to help her to achieve success in her career and deal with any trouble that comes in the path!
# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

# [0.1.3] – 2017-10-26
– A brief guide to help newcomers
– Scattered some dollars around the world. Economy is getting started!
– Blueprint system.
– New Item: Wooden Planks.
– New Recipe: Coffee Table.
– Quick Animations for getting money, blueprints and other items.
– Bike. Need to tweak the speed, though.
– Valentino (first version).
– Office Building.
– Mr. Formaggio’s Office.
– PC Mechanics.
– Trisha’s Busts (2).
– Mr. Formaggio’s Base Sprites.
– Valentino Map.
– Code and Assets for Map Funcitonality.
– Night Lights for Valentino.
– iCafe.
– Option to display messages quicker.
– “I Touch Myself” Side-Mission.
– Started the “Down the Road, Never Across the Street” and “Sun-Tan” Side-Missions.
– Minor Cosmetic Features.
– New NPC on La Gloria (Elder Woman).
– It’s possible to craft/buy Wooden Chair.
– The Forever 18 Store sells items.

– Corrected some spelling errors. Thanks, Darthjake.
– Corrected speeches on the Health & Security Center.
– Door animation on Artisan’s now works properly.
– Corrected the sidewalk part on Artisan’s.
– Removed some texts from maps where they shouldn’t be displayed (like “Intro”) on the Intro Scene.

– Increased speed of characters in cutscenes.
– Clock is 30% faster, now.
– Overhauled the Health functions.
– The “interview” with Mr. Connor takes 2 in-game hours, now.
– Revamped Dialogue with Trisha.
– Doors. Almost every door was changed.
– DecoHouse and Forever 18 won’t buy player’s items anymore

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 357 MB