Replacement – Version 0.2



After graduation, you got a job as a replacement at a school located in another city. Your best friend from childhood received you at home while you were working at school. You have 30 days to gain trust and gain a relationship with professors and the principal to stay in school. In the meantime, you discover that the school is full of mysteries and secrets waiting to be solved.?

– Add 1 New Quest.
– Add 4 location (Garage, Basement, Gym and Dr. Wilson’s Lab).
– Add skipping intro. (Option to skip intro for players who have already played).
– Add 1 New Character Dr. Wilson.
– Add Strength status and training in the gym. (In order to be able to enter the gym, an event must be started at the janitor).
– Add Completing the first puzzle.

– You can’t go to work without wearing a suit.
– Change the picture of Alex’s room.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed peek through bathroom keyhole.
– Fixed When NO is said on the PC, the image remains on the screen.

Developer: Zekoslava02
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No
Size: 394 mb

Download game:


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