Punished Mai Version 2.4.4


Punished Mai


Mai is a 28 years old young woman with a sad and dark past from which she remember almost nothing but a deep pain.

Without knowing how, or why, Mai wake up one day in a motel room, wondering, she comes out only to find that she’s in a place that she never saw on her life and which has nothing to do with her usual reality.

The girl, who initially thought she was alone in this city, ends up discovering that there is more life than she thought: monsters, demons, strange people and, last but not least, a kind of sect of people in cassocks who seem to be the ‘lords of the place ’. Under such conditions, Mai, plucks up courage and starts to seek for a way to get out of there, but unfortunately for her, after several months of searching she finds nothing.

However, someone has been watching Mai most of this time, a mysterious man who appears infront of her. He calls himself the ’Driver’ and hides his face behind a mask.
Despite the initial distrust, Mai has no choice but to accept the help of the ’Driver’, which, promises he will help her get out of the town.?

How To Play:
Move – Use Arrows Keys
W – Change Character
Q – Open Menu
A – Use Shield
S – Use Equiped Item
D – Use Equiped Skill
Z – Attack/Shoot,Examine,Confirm,Pickup/Throw
X – Turn Battle On/Off
Shift – Sprint,Aim
Ctrl – Turn Flashlight On/Off
Alt – Pause
F5 – Turn Fullscreen On/Off [Not Saved this way]
F7 – Show Control Scheme

Select Item or Skill – Use Arrows Keys
W – Change Page
Q – Change Page
Z – Equip Selected Item/Skill
X – Exit
F5 – Fullscreen On/Off [Not Saved this Way]

If You Have Lag or Frame Rate problems
Turn Off – illumination
Turn Off – Footstep Sounds

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 2000 MB