Princess trainer: Jasmine v0.16


Princess trainer

The first game features Princess Jasmine but the game itself is about Jafar and the relatively unknown fish vendor from the bazaar (market place) exacting revenge on Aladdin and Jasmine. We are trying to keep the story short and rely on the gameplay to keep the player engaged.

This month’s build includes more additions that makes the game more challenging to play, the big changes are time keeping and eating, now you’ll have to find a way to get money otherwise you’ll starve. I’ve also started keeping track of the bigger changes here’s a list of this months: (due to how it’s written, the older changes are at the bottom)

You can eat / drink
Hunger and thirst bars added
Migrating to renpy version 7.4.1
CG scenes are skipped one per click now, instead of all at once
You can sleep to pass time
Hunger and thirst are added
Collected resources can be regenerated over night depending on their chance to regen
Time keeping added

Developer: Studio Danza
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Princess trainer Version: 0.16
Censored: No
Size: 125 mb

Download game:


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