Pillow is here v1.0 by Iceridlah Games


Pillow is herePillow is here

Pillow is herePillow is here

Pillow is herePillow is here

Pillow is here Pablo hasn’t seen Maria in two years. They shared a childhood together, and she has invited him over to her new apartment for a visit. The two have always been close, but could they be closer?
Pablo and Maria are the default names however you can name them whatever you wish.
This is more of a visual short story than a visual novel. The word count comes in at slightly less than two thousand. There are only a handful of choices to be made, but they matter. Picking the right choices will lead you to one of two good endings. One ending, of course, is much better than the other. Other choices will lead to a “bad” ending and probably a game over.
Any future updates of this game, if there are any, will be fixing mistakes. This is the final version of this game.
Pillow ties in with The Seed in a small way. You’ll see how if you play both.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 121 Mb

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