Pervert’s Paradise Version 0.05


Pervert's Paradise

Alan is a single guy who recently turned 25 and decided to leave the small town where he lived to try a new life in the big city. With little money and without having attended colleges, he simply took the few savings he had and to the great metropolis of Esidarap (fictitious name). Even without much money he decided to rent a room in a mansion that until then had only women.

– You can now work in different locations. (School, Bar, Grocery Store, Beach..) and more options in the major update next week!
– First appearances of new characters: Tifa, Billie & more!
– Now events will also happen while you work
– We can now spend time with certain girls (In the major update next week with all of them!) to create affection or perversion (both also possible, but not mutually)
– A few new events on the map
– In this update, I changed Karla’s event, making it clear that she will have something with an NPC if the player does not intervene.
– First FUTA event in the game (also very clear for those not interested in being able to see, don’t worry.)
– Now you can access your phone anywhere on the map. (Some functions still buggy have not been added as QuestLog but should be cleared for the major update next week)
– And some minor changes that I probably forgot rn.

Developer: caxrGames
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.05
Censored: No
Size: 2100 mb