Patronus (Alpha v3.2.5)



From the Dev Team: Welcome to Patronus! Patronus is a slave training game set in ancient Rome. It’s a straight historical setting without fantasy elements. This is an Alpha version release. We know that there are bugs, problems, explosions, fiery loss of boner issues, etc. Don’t Panic! Better releases are on their way.

Changelog: Patronus Alpha v3.2.5
-debugged trading system
-fixed time management and time-passing behavior
-reworked law court behavior
-added Maeve; finished implemenation of her quest
-added starting sex acts for Maeve, inc. massage & bath
-added inventory screens; added inventory swapping. added location inventories.
-added additional Fasti Brother quest behavior. fixed ionus behavior post-fasti quest
-redid alert log & fixed notification behaviors
-updated rumor behavior; differences between socialization & overhear
-reworked resistance & taboo reduction in bordello
-reworked skill training text dialogue
-fixed a bug with incorrect merchant names
-fixed slave training unlock quest behavior
-reworked highlight layering on map; split into layers and diffentiated highlight order
-fixed incorrect date displays
-fixed behavior in law courts; renamed associated skills
-fixed bordello autobuy & replenish behavior
-fixed behavior with being able to travel/leave mid-dialogue in various locations
-completely redid medallion behavior, added scroll, fixed various bugs
-implemented mood ring & skill monitoring for slave girls
-fixed bugs with slave girl observe & wash/change clothes behaviors
-fixed incorrect behavior with bordello guards
-fixed gaius drink behavior during fasti quest
-fixed travel behavior, including incorrect time & crashes
-fixed behavior with fasti quest and merchant interactions
-fixed hauling behavior for trading
-fixed trade UI; recognition & layering
-reworked bargianing & pricing behavior to fix various errors
-fixed UI text clipping
-fixed medallion clipping & fade in UI
-fixed rounding errors throughout the game, including in trade and courts
-fixed randomized sestertti values, such as in bribes in court
-fixed bordello management and client consumption
-fixed incorrect bordello client checks
-fixed triggers for slaves in bedroom
-fixed various issues with additional trainers
-fixed skill & resistace improvement behavior
-reworked bordello robbery behavior
-fixed behavior with Madam/Valeria
-fixed day planner behavior and correct dismall behavior
-fixed bordello reputation behavior; added new behavior for reputation recovery
-fixed various fasti sex animations
-fixed day planner UI
-fixed character fade delays
-fixed incorrect dialogue in various areas such as slums
-fixed bargaining chances
-added profession variables to NPCs
-fixed nuances with earnings reporting in bordello and alfidia calculation
-fixed main plot line if refusing zenobarbus
-implemented changes to training/loyalty quests
-fixed a bug for parmida working in bordello, smaller slave behavior nuances
-fixed an issue with Caius & Charis appearing incorrectly
-corrected H key behavior to hide text box
-added additional feedback in gameplay loops for player throughout game; optimized event reporting and direction
-fixed issues with merchant menus
-fixed an error with kreon medallion sometimes appearing incorrectly
-fixed display error with plebs/npcs
-fixed “talking with” NPC behavior sometimes reacting incorrectly
-fixed observation behavior & incorrect behavior in traveling
-fixed smaller bugs in baths behavior
-fixed classifications of slaves in inventory and logic errors
-fixed a nuance with charis discussion part of main quest
-fixed various issues with incest quest; added new imagery
-fixed various interface bugs
-fixed alfidia quest behaviors
-fixed various display issues for tutorials and other highlights
-added additional Inka dialogue for bordello introduction
-updated various images
-optimizations to game performance
-added various “flavor” images to parts of game
-fixed punish behavior for some characters (Maeve)
-removed unoptimized file manipulation libraries causing crashes on some systems
-fixed numerous misc crashes throughout game

Developer: DVE Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: Alpha 3.2.5
Censored: No
Size: 1170 mb

Download game:


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