Patriarch – Version 0.3



Patriarch is an ambitious sandbox harem-builder game set in a dark near future where a single powerful crime family has brought a city to it’s knees. You play as the heir to this family, whose job it is to make a name for himself and establish the connections necessary to lead an empire. Date and control the women near you, as you build a harem of girlfriends, wives and sex slaves.

– Added girls with full arcs (Lisa at beach, Aletta in apartment, Mary at college), including minor event scenes like sleep, lounge and discipline
– Added minor encounters to gym and noir lingerie
– Added two investment opportunities (started by talking to Douglas), each rewarded with a scene and income.
– Added another scene with Suki in office.
– Added an achievement system that informs the player when the final stage of a relationship is reached.
– The text message offering the sale of two slaves is now more likely to occur
– Teaching classes at the college new yields a bonus to your daily salary

Bug fixes:
– Fixed a code typo that made actions in city hall available even after closing.
– Fixed various typos.

Developer: Oranos
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.3
Censored: No
Size: 1280 mb

Download game:


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