Patriarch Version 0.7



Patriarch is an ambitious sandbox harem-builder game set in a dark near future where a single powerful crime family has brought a city to it’s knees. You play as the heir to this family, whose job it is to make a name for himself and establish the connections necessary to lead an empire. Date and control the women near you, as you build a harem of girlfriends, wives and sex slaves.
The game features humiliation/degradation, rough sex and similar fetisches, all stemming from the idea of total power exchange. Not for the faint of heart!


– Added a special honeymoon event for Angelica that unlocks a whole new area, including a new character with a full arc
– Added a new follower system and two new slave followers for players who didn’t marry Angelica
– Added a new event for Aletta, in which a new character with a full arc can be encountered. This character has two different paths depending on the player’s aproach.
– Added a (very) small story expansion, simply setting the stage
– Added the new resource ‘soldiers’ which will be used in more deadly gang engagements, and the threat level which will indicate the danger your soldiers face in the city. These will become increasingly important in future updates, allthough the current system is more of a foundation.
– Added Lilith, a new character with a full arc
– Added a new harem system. This is designed to be highly customizable. In it’s current state it’s more of a foundation though – stay tuned for future updates!

– removed an exploit where you could endlessly dominate amber for authority.
– fixed typos
– assigning slaves to work as elite escorts no longer locks you out from changing jobs for them
– Daniel’s drug trade no longer breaks at 600 rep, instead it caps above 600 at 7000 income.
– fixed a bug that made Aletta’s patreon event not show up


Developer: Oranos
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Patriarch Version: 0.7
Censored: No
Size: 2180 mb

Download game: