Not my Body! Build 14.1-1


Not My Body


Build 14.1-1
Fixed a bug that showed owned some of the new clothes, in the change options
Fixed bug that make you not earn the teacher outfit after completed the photo session and talked with Clarissa.
Fixed a bug that reseted the progression in Manny Dull development
Fourth part of the seduction of Manny Dull.
Schoolgirl outfit Not my Body
New background, inside school.
Model job, working with the white bikini.
Pictures for the apartment scene (he cuming, he making her go to her knees)
New ero scene, model job with bikini and schoolgirl photo session with Manny Dull.
New interactive places, highschool, station, bakery, gym, gym lockers
The diary, quest logs to track important activities, characters, places and quests
New descriptions for travel during day in cab and bus.
Fixed the day cycle (before, each day had: morning – midday – afternoon – night – midnight – dawn, then a new day, now is, midnight – dawn – morning – midday – afternoon – night, then a new day)
Fixed annoying bug in the log when Aisha sleep.
Fixed annoying bug in the log about loading an inexistent image.
Fixed a bug in the log when you load a game.
Now Aisha earn experience (on Fingers) when she masturbate herself in her bedroom.
Fixed bug that freezes the game, when you were traveling from place to place, or from the map.
Fixed that Mikela kept appearing in the gym even after the end of Ian’s quest.
Added descriptions of items and recipes.
Added names for the clothes
Added jobs descriptions
Added missing images in the apartment scene (basically were all the images for the three types of underwear)

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 614 MB

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