Naughty Neighbourhood Version 0.5


Naughty Neighbourhood

Welcome to the Naughty Neighbourhood!
As you move into your new neighborhood you wander through the streets hoping to discover places and meet new people!
I wonder what might happen

– added two new characters: Jade and Lauren
– two new event for Anna
– two new event for Bridgette
– new event for Jade
– new event for Julia
– new event for Lauren
– new event for miss Jackson
– new event for Okita
– new event at the hospital

– increased inventory size.
– converted last of the .gif’s to .webm’s for size reduction
– partly rewrote Business center
– added job at the business center
– rewrote hospital intro

Developer: Drummertje_daan
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Version: 0.5
Censored: Yes/Partial
Size: 723 mb

Download game:


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