Mystical Island Reboot Version 0.3


Mystical Island Reboot

After the sinking of the yacht the main character finds herself on the shores of mystical Island with no memory of what happened. Trying to survive and find a way to call for help, the main character encounters a bound mysterious woman and brings her to his shelter. The main character reveals that she is on a forbidden island and together with that woman whom she named Sunday, the two of them go on a Mystical Island adventure together and discover his secrets.?


– Add Sunday relationship (Finish 70%).
– Add more sea shells in case you need bait for a fishing rod.
– Add 3 Quest.
– Coconut now gives two coconut bowls.
– Add Show Enemy HP.
– Add Mining stone (A stone that can be broken with a pickaxe to get small rocks).
– Add 4 New enemy.
– Add Collectible cards.
– Add The player cannot run or walk fast when sleep is at 0
– Add Sundays Relationship grows when you masturbate.

– Change windows look.
– Change Chickens look.
– Change dicksaurus look.
– Change Palm trees.

Bug Fix:
– Fixed The raft cannot be approached on the left side of the other island.
– Fixed When the lever in the secret room is pulled, the need drops to 0.
– Fixed bird animations.
– Fixed When the chicken coop is made sleep and cleanliness drops to 0


Developer: Zekoslava Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
Language: English
File size: 595 mb

Download game:


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