Hypnogram – Version 0.4





The game’s protagonist is an ordinary, humble guy who lives a boring, measured life, but a sudden loss of his job is the factor that turns his life upside down. Which will his conscience or his lust take over? It’s up to you to decide!?


V 0.4
– 49 new scenes;
– 22 new characters;
– new job options;
– new options for purchases;
– the possibility of attending an elite men’s club;
– the possibility of taking a persuasion course;

Other changes:
– relationship level with girls is now listed in a separate window in the INFO section;
– Hints and tips on how to play the game are also listed in the INFO section;
– Cheats have been added to the game. These will gradually become available to all my patrons. The cheats panel can also be accessed from the INFO section;
– it is now possible to skip the intro and go straight to the main game;
– minor technical changes to the soundtrack.


Developer: RoxxGame
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.4
Language: English
File size: 3750 mb

Download game Hypnogram:



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