My Secret Desire Version 0.19


My Secret Desire

My Secret Desire is meant to be a free roam game, in which you choose the character you want to focus on. The story is about a young person, who decided that it’s finally time to start living his life to the fullest. You, as a player, decide what that will exactly mean for him.?


V. 0.19
– 19 871 words
– 17 sex scenes
– 5 Summer’s quests
(CL means corruption level)
(LR means LOVE route only)
– added 4 random scenes with Summer
– 1. – 33%, CL 4, after waking up at Duncan’s house
– 2. – 33%, CL 3, when she’s at Duncan’s house in the kitchen in evening
– 3. – 50%, CL 5, LR, after waking up on Sunday at MC’s house, Summer has to be at MC’s house)
– 4. – 25%, CL 5, LR, she comes home (Duncan’s house) with a friend from work, has to watch through spy camera
– added 9 default scenes with Summer
– at MC’s house, backyard (10:00->10:59)
– at MC’s house, bathroom (19:00->19:59)
– at MC’s house, bedroom (08:00->08:59)
– at MC’s house, bedroom (16:00->17:59)
– at MC’s house, bedroom (20:00->22:59)
– at MC’s house, living room (12:00->14:59)
– at MC’s house, balcony (09:00->09:59)
– at MC’s house, kitchen (11:00->11:59)
– at MC’s house, gym (15:00->15:59, based on strength)
– moved Kiley’s scene with Michelle to ‘story’ category
– moved Michelle’s scene when she visits your house to ‘story’ category
– changed a few quest’s hints to make them more accurate
– added Summer’s story and unique scenes to the ‘Replay scenes’ page
– (bugfix1) fixed a bug that didn’t reset Summer’s homework variable when you sleep normally
– when resetting Summer as a character, her first corruption quest will now be set to active
– “My Stepmom Is A Teacher” quest fixed missing dividing line in “Quest tracker”
– fixed error in active quest tracker when “Subtle Proposition” quest is active
– fixed a bad html tag in “Financial Problems” quest (again)
– fixed Michelle missing in parent’s bedroom at 20:00


Developer: plawy
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.19
Language: English
File size: 3720 mb

Download game:

Download v0.18->v.0.19: size: 360 mb: