My Lust Wish Version 0.3.0


My Lust Wish

Ashley came to a small sweet town to study at the university. She will have to survive in this city on her own, earn money, buy food and things, study at the university, etc. There are lots of ways Ashley can earn money to expand her wealth and become a “filthy” rich girl! Ashley’s life is in your hands, giving you full control over every function in her life … including hardcore sex! Your wish will eventually become her actions, as you progress forward through her lust levels, accessing new lewd features of the game.

Stories and characters:

Teddie Quest Finished (30 photo sessions total) (will continue on a new quest-line)
New NPC Jeremy + Quest-line
New NPC Candyman + Quest-line
New Cool Interaction with Computer + Quest-line & PC Upgrades

Gameplay & Features:

Reworked QTE System
New QTE Sex Scenes


New Dorms Building
Male Dorms Interior


Loosing Virginity Mechanic
Convenience Store New Items
Bug Fixes

Developer: SRT
Platform: Windows
Language: English
My Lust Wish Version: 0.3.0
Censored: No
Size: 5650 mb