Moniker Smith’s Bloodlines Version 0.15 + Incest patch


Moniker Smith's Bloodlines

This visual novel focuses heavily on art assets, delivering more than 6600 unique images with 200-700 new images added every month. Play from both perspectives to see them all!

673 new images
Raze’s first, second, and third vampire transformations
Mercy’s first, second, and third vampire transformations
Gisele’s first vampire transformation
Nearly 70 new transformation “shifts”
4 new characters: Francis, Terry, William, Nurse Karen
new scenes at Lind Academy Square, Lind Academy Hallway, Lind Police Station, Hospital, Cabin in the Woods, Underground Waterway, Gisele’s Bedroom, and Downtown Lind
4 new Bloodlines: Mercy, Raze, Oliver, and Gisele

Developer: Moniker Smith
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Moniker Smith’s Bloodlines Version: 0.15
Censored: No
Size: 3650 mb



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