Magical Family: Laboratory v0.35

Magical Family: Laboratory

Magical Family: Laboratory

Milf Lab(Magical Family:Laboratory)
MC wants to create a team of Superheroines under his own control.
He has a laboratory and has developed enhancement drugs, but he needs someone to perform the enhancements.

However, no one is willing to climb into a strange sealed chamber. Furthermore, even if he manages to create powerful Superheroines, how can he ensure they will obey his orders? “If i using mind control them …”
Nevertheless, MC believes that he will find a way to achieve his goals. Money, power, beautiful women, these are very simple for you, because your bedroom leads to a super lab of your own…?


Regarding the v0.31 version:

Added a new character (Old Town area).
We have decided to reset the scene where Elizabeth and MC play on the sofa in v0.31. Due to excessive focus on animation production, the weight of the storyline was reduced. This issue is significant for us and has even impacted the game’s quality. Therefore, we have chosen to reset the two animation scenes involving Elizabeth from v0.3.
Moving forward, we will release a minor update every Sunday, which will include a small amount of new content (about 30%) and the reset animation scenes.
An ‘Journey Notes’ feature has been added (accessible in the bedroom), which will help players understand what they can do next.
Fixed bugs in the map.
Optimized the backpack; now you can click on items in the backpack to view them.
Optimized the content for Charlotte’s return on Sundays.


Developer: LMDC-lucky
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.35
Language: English
Size: 1950 mb

Download game:


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