Lustful Awakening – Version 0.4


Lustful Awakening

You play as a young boy discovering new things happening in the body before you even get time to understand those, you will come across the Goddess from the future. The future is destroyed due to your father’s experiments. Now the responsibility of saving the world rests on your shoulders. She reveals that your lust is the one that can save the future with no sexual experiences you join forces with her in the quest to save the world. Over the course of time, you start realizing that your life is changing in the ways you never thought possible.?

Thanks for the positive feedback from V0.3. The game has now 980+ images with 324 animations with sound, Along with the good stuff you 5500+ lines of dialog. There are definetely story progression as expected.
Dating event with Mom
Progression With Sis
Progression in Goddess, Sccubbus, Eryn
Added Combined CG Gallery, Accessible Via In-Room PC(It might take few seconds to load, Please be patient).
Added HScene Cockpit for a better experience.
Lots of infrastructure improvements was performed
Special effects are added
Easier tip system for item finding

Developer: The Coder
Platform: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Version: 0.4
Censored: No
Size: 2000 mb



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