Flirty F Version 0.1.22 [Oppai Comics]

lirty F
Flirty F

Flirty FFlirty F

Flirty F: You’re living in your best friend’s family for 3 years. (BF called Julia)
Her 2 big sisters are coming back home to live with you and you’ll see them for the first time.

Multi save slot: 12 slots for saving now!
Your old save won’t work, as I’ve changed the save system. You could get back to it quickly with the Ctrl feature. Next Update your old saves of this version 0.1.22 should work again.
Press H to hide the text box and get a full view on the art.
Press Ctrl to skip the text, images and animations.
Beware, it’s not stopping at your past progression like ren’py, it works all the time.
Press S to take a screenshot of the game ^^
Right click to open the Saving Panel.

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 623 mb

Download game:


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