Flirty F Version 0.1.1 + Incest Patch [Oppai Comics]

lirty F
Flirty F

Flirty FFlirty F

Flirty F You’re living in your best friend’s family for 3 years. (BF called Julia). Her 2 big sisters are coming back home to live with you and you’ll see them for the first time.

I’ve implemented the video system in the game with a new video, I think I can optimize the game in future Update by replacing old animations by videos and make it lighter ^^

All texts has been reviewed and edited by Spellbreaker (native). Old and new.
no freeze between scenes (I hope so ha ha)
New feature: Scene replay. You can replay any scene from the computer in your room. It only concerns scenes from the story.
New game-play system: Story mode and Free mode. The free mode will change depending on your progression in the story mode. To continue the story you just click on continue, no need to look for events anymore, no waste of time.

It was a very important update, I had to finish to build the foundations of the game. From now on I could spend my time on the story and content only

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 495 Mb

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