Life Lessons Version 2.08D



1. Hotfix for a bug that would not allow proper use of the Men’s room in The Mall. It blocked progression to the Kawaii Path: BJ Sub-path.
2. Fixed an issue in the Kawaii Path, in the Kawaii Room, where you could leave the shop before buying all three dresses. This would not allow you to take the Pink Hair Bows and stopped the game from progressing.
Version 2.08
1. Added a bigger hint hint on Wednesday, to go see Bambi, somehow the original conversation seemed to not convey it enough.
2. Adeed a new pic for hairbrush tangling
3. You must now have your purse with you before going to the Magic Box
4. Added the concert Wed night with emily.
5. Finally fixed food stacking up in the kitchen.
6. Added a lesbian interatction with Amy on Thursday. (optional)
7. Added Lingerie shopping after interacting with Amy before the sex scene (required only for amy scene)
8, Added Alexa to Victoria’s Secret
9. Added lingerie to Victoria’s Secret
10. Emily’s room and closet now changes with her Bimbo change
11. Putting on the Pink Frilly Bra now shuts off the dream music from tiesday night, so they do not overlap.
12. Added interaction with Mom and Dad for a CC on Thursday.
13. Thursday is a new outfit.
14. Removing clothing without wearing anything else will now show the player naked as the profile pic.
15. You now can not leave your room naked.
16. Tons of small bug, grammar and story flow/immersion fixes. (This update concentrated more on fixing than creating)
17. Added Friday content until end of day.
18. New models added for transformations
19. Added a new shop girl to The Magic Box and the Storeroom in back.
20. Dad now goes to work, even if you do not talk to him, except Thursday. He will stay until you get the Credit Card.
21. Content continues into Friday , CURRENT CONTENT ENDS AFTER: You leave the Magic Box and go to the Tatoo Parlor

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 738 MB


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