Kin – Version 0.2



The story revolves around a guy whose mother and father just passed away,
and by the dying will of his father he came to knew that his father had another BEAUTIFUL family.
The will also stated that his father’s last wish was to see both of his families sharing a house!!!
So to fulfill his father last wish moves in with his step family to share the grief of the loss with each other,
the story is about the many things they share and yeah!! the grief as well.


Changes That Community Asked For:

Fixed choose menu colors for better experience.
Changed the confirmation prompt box for better experience
Fixed Noise in most of the renders
New Music Tracks and Sound effects(cc0)
Better Grammar
No more Unexpected capitalization of letters.

What This Update Contains:

1 hour of avg runtime
110 New renders
A few blinking animations
Newly Designed EVENT SYSTEM
Day and night system (The code is there in the game but haven’t used it in this update because I was already pretty late foruploading this update and unfortunately unable to design the graphics for this feature in time, So instead of waiting and making them and adding some more days into the upload date I chose to uncomment the feature in the next build with proper graphics.)
A brief segment of credit for my patreons.
A POST-CREDIT scene (Try Not to miss this one)

Road Map
The whole story is divided into 7 Episodes, Each episode will be completed in 3 different updates and each update will consist of roughly 100 renders.


Developer: Cool Bonobo
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
Language: English
File size: 560 mb

Download game: