iNSight of you Version 0.10


A Trainer-like, mostly animated game with its main focus on submission, humiliation, and female orgasm control/denial.Also includes outdated memes and a love story. The main story follows the life of Sam. He’s a simple guy within the mafia circle, who gained access to highly experimental tech.Most functions are unknown, and he, with some help from lively redhead Esther, will try to figure them out.How? Using it on his bitchy boss and girls around him!

Not the biggest patch in history, but a big milestone: E+M content finished, Gloria’s corruption phase finished!
Total animations: from ~1880 to ~2020 (pictures not counted)
New medium-sized event for Maya’s butt in harem route + several background animations
New big-sized event for Maya in slut route (at the club) + her solo work there
Two new activities for Gloria: Walters (big boss) and Office Assistant, with multiple stages of events and cameras
New mini-event for the front-desk + increased fluid and exercise limits after certain points in the story ( ?° ?? ?°)
Reworked how Resistance works in the secretary phase, more info below
Various events bonus stats revamped to avoid piling up the events (not ideal, need feedback)
Added additional “lemonade” counter (in liters) if you keep a certain buff On
Removed confusing uncle Jason’s extra girl-points (still there, just lowered the numbers and removed description)
New Reputation level for Gloria
Mindbreak game-over now has animation and description
The transition-to-the-final-stage event features new Gloria’s outfit and looks (?????)
All existing achievements now have reachable triggers. They will be updated/remodeled/removed in the finishing update. Enjoy!
End-of-Day report now shows the number of orgasms that Gloria had (if over 1)
Cleaned some placeholders and moved things around a little bit
Fixed reported and new-found bugs

Developer: AdventAnyx
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.10
Censored: No
Size: 6000 mb

Download game: