In Her Own Hands Version 0.5.3a


In Her Own Hands

I could never have imagined the life that I have now. I live each day with no regrets, but that wasn’t always the case.

I was always the “good girl” who did everything perfectly. I colored inside the lines and never knew what I was missing. When I caught my boyfriend cheating with my best friend, I decided enough was enough. I left college and moved to the city, taking my life in my own hands. Now each day is an adventure, especially for someone as inexperienced at…well, everything…as I happen to be. Moving in with two hot guys started me down a path of temptation, and I’m only looking forward from here. I can’t wait to share all my experiences with you.

Plot development:

A series of events leading to Becca’s first sexual experience with a woman (it is now also possible to play entirely as a lesbian, and even lose her virginity to a woman)
A sexual encounter with an intriguing new man (the first of what will be a new “quest” in future versions)

Major changes/additions:

Completely dismantled and re-worked the Halloween party, including more freedom of action while at the party and several new scenes and images
Added a “Ladies’ Night” to the bar, when Becca is either working or just drinking (sets up future scenarios)
Adjusted the events with Tyler in the bar to make them avoidable and more accurately reflect their relationship statistics
Refined entire series of events with Jasmynn, including changing how first one-on-one meeting triggers, relationship statistics for her “girls” and the first date, added a hint about the business card
Added several new selfies to the phone in various clothing choices, added ability to make some of them her phone background; added “standard” text messages with Emily and Abby that are not tied to events; updated and refined the Text Message Archive
Added several new records; embedded Spotify players and links for all records when listening alone or with Bobby
Added new “splash page” and title page; added backgrounds for all scenes
Refined the CumPoints system to more accurately record experiences during events; adjusted statistics for learning skills and preferences; fixed bug where CumPoints status bar did not reset when Becca came; added that when Becca does not come, her Arousal statistic is affected
Removed the “Update Saves” function out of the TitKok app to a stand-alone menu item in the side bar
Added a button to “Save current outfit” to the Wardrobe

Minor changes/additions/bugfixes:

Added several new wardrobe-based images around town (walking uptown/downtown, at park)
Refined code and statistics when watching “adult entertainment”
Added Bobby’s girlfriend Scarlett to the relationship page
Updated Progress Tracker/Hints for all paths
Adjusted scene where James first appears to end entire path and to avoid ride home so that you can just return Downtown
Added drunk status to all older scenes where she is drinking (with Abby, roommates, etc.)
Added ability to “Keep hanging with Shaun” rather than having to leave and return
Fixed bug with appearance of drunk status in sidebar
Made sleep more restful so that more Energy returns with fewer hours of sleep
Fixed numerous typos/grammatical errors and minor conditional bugs throughout the game

Developer: Surprise & Delight Media
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.5.3a
Censored: No
Size: 525 mb

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