In Her Own Hands Version 0.5.2


In Her Own Hands

I could never have imagined the life that I have now. I live each day with no regrets, but that wasn’t always the case.

I was always the “good girl” who did everything perfectly. I colored inside the lines and never knew what I was missing. When I caught my boyfriend cheating with my best friend, I decided enough was enough. I left college and moved to the city, taking my life in my own hands. Now each day is an adventure, especially for someone as inexperienced at…well, everything…as I happen to be. Moving in with two hot guys started me down a path of temptation, and I’m only looking forward from here. I can’t wait to share all my experiences with you.

Revised conversation about Bobby’s interests, introducing clues to new scenes.
Two new sex scenes with Bobby.
Expanded “special” sex scene with Bobby.
Updated general scenes in Bobby’s bedroom so that you can do different activities without leaving and re-entering.
New records added to Record Store.
Purchasable items added to Hemp Store.
Bedroom masturbation scenes expanded.
Aesthetic changes to eBookStore
Adjusted statistical requirements for leaving bedroom in various clothing choices.
Directly connected certain minor activities to specific statistic requirements.
Added variant media and text to kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, connected to wardrobe and/or relationships
Randomly appearing “special” events in living room with Bobby, Shaun, and Bobby’s girlfriend (Scarlett)
Randomly appearing “special” events in bathroom with Bobby, Shaun, and Scarlett
Fixed bug with phone and text alerts
New Abby dare in clothing store
Fixed bug with last Abby dare (from v. 0.5.0)
Fixed bug with exploring the city at night

Developer: Surprise & Delight Media
Platform: Windows
Language: English
In Her Own Hands Version: 0.5.2
Censored: No
Size: 480 mb

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