Goddess Seed (Omni Edition)


Goddess Seed

All-female immortal Titans have mostly eradicated humanity. Darx is one of the survivors, a summoner with amnesia, who lives with his sister and his summoned Catgirl.
Everything changes in his life when a Titan destroys everything he holds dear, and captures him because of his power, “God Seed”, a power that makes Titans who ingest his seed limitlessly increase their power… But his kidnapping backfired, as his God Seed also made her fall in love with him. Play as Darx as he uses his power and allies to seek peaceful coexistence between Titans and humans.

2021-09-25 Omni Edition
I – Overhauls every single event of the game.
II – Countless improvements, bugfixes, etc.
III – Added a gallery with all H scenes.
IV – Definitive edition of the game.

Developer: gtswaifuism
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Goddess Seed Version: Omni Edition
Censored: No
Size: 1570 mb

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