Forgotten Paradise Version 0.3



You play as a happily married man with 2 wonderful daughters. Everything was going okay in your life, until one day you heard about a paid social trip to space. You decided to try your luck and participate with your whole family. Making it through the end will reward you with a good sum of money that will help with your mortgage and most importantly, get your daughters through college. And to your surprise you got picked and not only you, but your whole family. On the day you\’re supposed to leave, you meet a strange man who tells you you\’re being used as a guinea pig for a test experiment on a serum that wipes out memories. He gives you a pill that will negate that effect. Although you are too late to warn your family you can at least watch over them or take advantage of the fact they have no memories of you or their siblings? The choice will be yours.
More routes to follow! Some choices that you’ve made in the previous version can lead to a bonus or hidden scene.
Introducing a Walkthrough
Total new images (+the animations) = 180;
4 different female character paths in this version each with a sex scene
Added a small 8bit sound during the credit screen

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 303 MB

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