Drunken Odyssey by Germantown_311 version 1.4.3


[Update 1.4.3 -> fixed missing storyinit variable which caused missing path. Fixed some users having broken image links.]

This was a single-day update, clocking in at 10,000 words. In two days, that’s 17,000. Imagine what a major update will look like! (wordcount is incorrect in the end-of-path notice)

Claire’s story is the continued story for today, as it’s pretty fleshed out, and getting more and more fun. If you’d like to see another path developed, send me a PM or post in the discussion! I hope you enjoy this update. A note for you – you may want to replay some of the older storyline. You may have missed something – a Bimbo path is now fully integrated into the storyline, and certain events are a little different with that as part of $name’s story.
MAJOR UPDATE: v1.1.8sc

Big content update. Probs going to restructure the version number system if I keep updating this that frequently. (FORGOT to leave the new wordcount here. It’s 54431)

Development of the “Will and Dave go into the liquor store” path – As well as the “Just Will” path. Fairly large expansion, and a main character transformation that’s pretty intense and somewhat stepford-y 😉 Wrote part where you can reject Claire’s offer – first implementation of how your choices affect your options in a steamy scene! Began the Edward 40-Hands path from the liquor store. Lots of TF’s, and a lengthy scene. That path’s gonna be real interesting. Well established for progress now. Plot is written for Claire’s first day! Expect it soon.

-Germantown. As always, feedback is appreciated.

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