Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle Ch.1-3.2


Dimitrescu's Lewd Castle

Rejoice the story about many brave men attempting to take down on the most dangerous vampire inside their village.
Will they be able to fulfill their sexual fantasies along the way? or will they end up being enslaved like all previous visitors?


Chapter 3.2
– Modified some of Dimitrescu renders w/ oily skin effects
– Added full-body-view interactable images to most character intros
– Inventory edges removed because they looked ugly
– Fixed pyramid head model not showing full overlay while hovered inside the prison
– Fixed Factory lighting issues (Some areas looked extremely bright in comparison to others)
– Lowered game over screen intense brightness
– Improved alcina’s H-animation for chapter 3 including an increase in belly bulge
– Improved Basement location from low quality render to max
– Added text sounds to all opening chapters


Developer: ZaneSFM
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: Ch.1-3.2
Language: English
File size: 229 mb

Download game:



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