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Deviant Desires
Deviant Desires

Deviant DesiresDeviant Desires

Deviant Desires The game is about a charity worker who strives to be more, it is up to you to help he become what he has always dreamed of…you’ll also have to help a few female friend’s with there story’s to:

Christine: She is a school nurse whom has become unhappy in her place of work, it’ll be up to you to try and help her on a new path.
Amanda: An aspiring least, that’s what she thinks, since the passing of a beloved friend, her life took a dramatic turn, she threw herself into everything and it’ll be up to you to set her back on the right path.
Amy: She’s the most ambitious of the lot, not only is she training day after day to become an Olympian, she’s also working a secret job which takes up a good portion of her time, it’ll be up to you to find her darkest secrets and help free her from her burdens.
Sarah: She is a free-loving person, very loving and open about who she is and what she’s all about…however, she’s been acting a little odd around you as of late and it’s up to you to find out what her somewhat sinister plans are…

Deviant Desires Change-log:
Re-code – You may not notice anything different with this simply because it was all back-end & the actual gameplay itself didn’t change because of it, however, the re-code will allow me to add new scenes much easier that I was able to before and let me keep track of what has and hasn’t been going on in the game.
Emotion System – The emotion system will keep track of what you’ve done with characters and show them in the next scene. At the moment this is a little buggy and doesn’t fully work, but it has been implemented in 95% of the game and will just need a little tweak in 0.5 to get it fully working.
Point System Change – In previous versions, game events and activities were dependent on how many points you had with a certain character, this is no longer the case, now, the points system will only effect the end-game.
Hints System – The hints system has ( for now ) been removed, simply because it would have taken me to long to write it out & it was bugged in 0.3 anyway.
Daily Routines – This hasn’t be implemented for every character, although, it has for Christine, Amy & Amanda, I plan on adding Sarah & Jennifer.
New Characters – This release see’s the arrival of 3 new characters, Emily, Lisa & Jennifer, they will all have there own story arcs in a future release.
Sarah’s House – You can now go to and explore Sarah’s house. At the moment there isn’t much to do there, but 0.5 will focus on massive Sarah & Jennifer content.
Bunny Lounge – The Bunny Lounge has been totally reworked, now Amy is no longer a whore but rather a Bartender/Stripper.
Back Room – The back room hasn’t been implemented into the game yet but I want to take a quick moment to tell you what it’ll be. Basically, you can go to the back room to interact with the 2 bunny’s ( that for now ) have been removed from the game & get a private dance from the 3 strippers.
Christine Movie Scene – I’ve reworked the movie scene.
Pre-Introduction – I’ve added in a new introduction before the actual intro scene, just a little place to name characters.
New Logo – Not a major change but I like the branding 😛
Sarah + Christine Scene – I’ve added in a scene with Christine and Sarah having a drink on the sofa. There isn’t much to it yet but it will eventually lead to something tasty.
Spy Scenes – I’ve added in 3 spy scenes for Amanda, Christine & Amy *( one each, not three each )*
Amanda Homework – I’ve done a little reworking to Amanda’s homework scene.

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.4a
Censored: No
Size: 920 mb

Download game:


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