Deviancy – Version 0.2 + Incest patch



You will take the role of a perculiar young man who, through shenanigans, ends up living together with his childhood friend, Suzy. Her nan, Claire, is a no-nonsense business woman with a heart of gold, who graciously took you into her home without a second thought, asking only one thing in return: to look after her step-daughter. Raising two young children on her own wasn’t easy however, and for many years now she has dragged the two of you from one city to another, relentlessly chasing better and better jobs.
Now, with yet another shiny new position, she drags you again to what she promises will be the definitively last move. What she doesn’t know however, is that during those long days alone, you and Suzy have developed an…intimate relationship.
Whilst juggling your responsibilties to Claire and integrating into this new town, how will you handle this blossoming relationship?

New tings:
+ Added days 3 and 4.
+ Added new surname function (rename-able in intro, does not require replaying 0.1 if happy with default).

Old tings:
– Figured out compression algorithms, new releases will now (hopefully) be a sensible file size.
– Upped default ages of main cast.
– Fixed various dialogue errors from 0.1.
– Skip functions now correctly allocate relationship points.
– Fixed some of 0.1’s renders (remaining errors will be updated over time).

Developer: Mr. B0NES
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Deviancy Version: 0.2
Censored: No
Size: 710 mb

Download game: