Deluded Version 0.2.1



Alisa tries to solve the mysteries about her missing sister.
At one moment Alisa will lose everything and start living her life at the bottom of her social and financial position,
forgotten by everyone.
There’ll be multiple ways to bring her previous lifestyle back. But by the time she might not want to.


v0.2.1 Changelog:
New features:
Save system

Bug fixes:
Wearing a dollar in a clothes slot
Window grace requirement
Dad standing in A-pose

Bigger stats gain multiplier
Bigger icons for Needs/Effects
Clothing system: now certain items can take up multiple slots
Texture optimization
Core rework of the inventory system
Core rework of start game/load game pipeline


Developer: SRT
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1
Language: English
Size: 5160 mb

Download game: