Delicate Taboo Version + Incest patch


Delicate Taboo

On the MC’s (Johnny) 18th birthday, something changed in his family. Temptations, never before imagined, began to appear. You will guide the MC and other members of his family as they navigate the taboos that threaten the delicate love they share. Your decisions will determine the path of the MC’s lovelife (as well as the kinks each path will bring!) Your decisions will also bring new dangers to Johnny and his family in the form of killer androids, sorceresses wielding dark magic, and a powerful crime family whose matriarch is as notorious for her ruthlessness as her taste for the perverse. In this “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure”-style branching narrative, your choices will decide the ultimate fate for Johnny and his family.?

– Fixed bug which incorrectly set the total number of endings scenes
– Fixed bug causing two endings on Nana path to jump to a previous scene instead of returning to Main Menu

– Overhauled the functions that count number of endings scenes and total number of endings scenes
– Fixed numerous typos

Developer: Rando Civ
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Delicate Taboo Version:
Censored: No
Size: 2000 mb

Download game: