Day by Day Version 0.1.1


Day by Day

In Day by Day the story revolves around four characters, who fled Italy due to mafia problems.
The game is set a decade after their arrival in the US and begins with Alice (rename).
The four protagonists, now accustomed to their new life, will face new problems.
Any action taken with each character will change the storyline for the other three.

Characters Description

Alice is an Italian, passionate woman, a teacher, a mother and a widow from mafia gangsters.

She fled on USA to start a new life, but her dark past keep tormenting herself, when she tries the best she can to make a quiet, happy life with his family.

But things don’t always go in the right way.

Carlo is the new husband of Alice, he saved her and protected her from Mafia.
He brought Alice, Samantha and James on United States, hoping to be safe there.

Unfortunately for them troubles keep following the family.

She is James’s elder sister, both of them fled with Alice and Carlo to the US.
Her father was brutal with her and his mother Arianna.
One day he beat Arianna so badly that he sent her to the hospital.
She ask Alice to take care her children for a while.

But in the chaos of departure, Alice took them with her.

He is Sam’s younger brother. When both of them fled from Italy, he was just a child, he does not remember his past life and maybe this is even better.

His new life is in US, but he had a hard time adjusting to the new place.
He does not have many friends and never had a girlfriend too.

Until now…


v 0.1.1
– Fixed missing video
– Fixed Italian texts
– Three days with James,
– More than 1200 new renders
– 15 new videos


Developer: ReplayTech
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.1
Language: English
File size: 1300 mb

Download game:


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