Corrupted World Version 0.1.0…


Corrupted World

With over 220 animations, more than 2200 images and whole lot more in store!

Change Log:
Warning. If you load an old save, be sure to go to the city map at the beginning.
2 story events for Eldoran
You can start building the club
Additional scenes and interactivity with Mia
Additional scenes after beating Rachel in videogames
Additional Kate events
Outfit events for Rachel, Becca, Cheri, Riley
New charisma stat (increase in the bathroom)
Pants now added to inventory
Overhauled character screens and hints
You can now keep track of how many times you’ve had fun with the girls
Added ability to enter cheat codes in the director’s office in the club along with bonus scenes
Updated navigation pictures

Developer: Keny
Platform: Windows
Language: English, Italian
Version: 0.1.0
Censored: No
Size: 3300 mb

Download game: