ComeCloser Version 0.13.1 + Android



ComeCloser may look like a fun and simple game, yet it uses cutting edge technologies. With more than 80 physic muscles driving the bodies, realistic simulations of clothes and hair and a high definition VR rendering, the game requires a strong hardware to run smoothly. Options will come in future versions to include more hardware.


What’s new:

Soft skin, adds gentle deformations on buttocks, breasts and legs.
Replication, tie a controller to your forearm and see the character moves at your exact pace while you masturbate.
Support for Vive Trackers, for both tracked pelvis and replication.
One new sex spot in the loft, 7 new poses.
Better overhaul CPU performance, especially on Quest.
Added the first mini-story in the loft.
Added a new fixed pelvis in addition to the tracked one. This one will stay where you place it, and can be repositioned like any toy.
Stiffer flexibles and player fingers.
Added Tracker selection in the preferences.
Added an option to enable/disable soft skin in the preferences.
Changed the introduction to explain the fixed pelvis and the replication.
New layer for the holo menu, to fit the new tools.

Bug fixes:

When changing pose, the characters sometimes twisted their neck to look behind.
Player bust sometimes became tiny or huge
The holo menu now move smoothly when you grab it.


Developer: ComeCloser
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.1
Language: English
Size: 1380 mb

Download game:

Download Android: Size: 1210 mb


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