Chastity Quest: Chasing the Next Release (Build 7)


Chastity Quest

As fourth age stretches on, adventurous souls push back the borders of the wildlands, delving ruins of long-forgotten kingdoms, seeking wealth and knowledge alike. And so it is that a new frontier has opened yet again, drawing many to it for adventure…. but whoever originally built the ruins near the adventurer’s frontier town of Hope’s Rest, must have been a kingdom of perverts!
The ruins are well over 400 years old and no one seems to know from whence they came…but the female adventurers, at least, certainly know what sort of people once lived here. Many were driven away by their first encounter with a bondage trap or lust bomb…but not Kiralia.

This build focuses on filling in bits of content at the currently existing locations. New scenes have been added for the Thieves Guild, Mage’s Guild, and Brothel.

Thieves Guild Scenes:
– Iris’ Potion game has new scenes! Including both Futa support and a new transformation entirely…
– Rodger the Finger now has his own scenes!
– Lysa has a reward for you after you help Elizabeth…assuming you meet the conditions first!

Mage’s Guild Scenes:
– Once you reach a certain level of Magic Skill, you can now research a second useful spell, unlocking a few scenes in the process!

– Once you hit a certain level of Rouge Skills you can now help Roslyn out with a certain problem…assuming you’ve discovered she has said problem!

– Credits menu updated
– A few bugs fixed and typos corrected
– Chose not to update the modwatch list this time, due to the nature of the issue I had this month causing me to actually remove a lot of mods, rather than add new ones.

Developer: Novus
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Chastity Quest Version: Build 7
Censored: No
Size: 5600 mb



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