Brazen Sonnet v2.1


Brazen Sonnet

This is a love story about how you found a woman washed up near a river who lost her memory and the trials the two of you face after returning to mend her life back together. As you are exposed to the elements of her past things become much more complicated. Following the introduction of the story it will be up to you as the player to navigate these dangerous challenges while preserving your love. Many people will need to die and most won’t even know the reason why.


– Returning players should know that my attempts to implement mechanics didn’t go as planned. There are choices that alter the path of the game but interaction is still minimal. Sorry for the delays.
– About 30 minutes of additional content, excluding scenes that have been re-written.
– A plethora of cosmetic improvements/changes.
– 2 scenes were removed, 3 scenes were added, and 1 scene was expanded in the intro.


Developer: Tribe
Platform: Windows, Linux
Censored: YES (JAV)
Version: 2.1
Language: English
File size: 1270 mb

Download game:


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