Ben X Slave Quest v0.0.2d



A parody trainer game based on the Ben 10 franchise, train Gwen and more characters into the perfect slut.?

– Re-wrote a LOT! Also added new script content (“A Plumber’s duty” episode finished)
– Reworked most combat mechanics (stats, xp gain, combat moves, items, aliens, enemies, effects, animations…)
– Added new or improved combat graphics and SFX.
– Made tweaks and redesigned many aspects of the Communicator. Missions, BIOS files, STATS, perks, aliens, hovers, buttons… and added a bit of story content when Ben/Albedo tries to hack the device.
– Reworked wardrobe mechanics and redesigned wardrobe UI (although it won’t be seen until 0.03, I’m afraid!)
– Reworked inventory system, gift system, and shop mechanics. Added a bit of stoy content when giving Shar a lollipop.
– Reorganized Shar’s doll and added new parts (a lot of them not yet featured in 0.02, just the towel and short skirt for now!)
– Added a lot of new SFX and music.
– New dialog and choices UI. Added character portraits.
– Added day period and bed mechanics.
– Added Plumber Rank mechanic.
– Added LUST/CORRUPTION indicators
– Added patrol UI.
– New location: Plumber HQ (General view, Command center, Blukic and Driba’s workshop, and prison)
– New location: Undertown alley.
– New character: Dr. Animo.
– New character: Zombozo.
– New character: Argit.
– New character: Pakmar.
– New characters and shop: Blukic and Driba.
– New Shar Patrol Scene.
– New ??? BJ scene.
– Polished and improved Shar’s butt grab scene.
– Polished a few backgrounds, made night versions of most.
– Refined and added a lot of character expressions.
– Added transitions and effects.
– Tested for hours. Crushed many, many bugs.
– Nipped and cut at the result of all above until we were satisied (sorta)
– Wrote this list.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 203 MB

Download game:


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