Allanon Witch Tale version 2.2.3


We play for a young girl, who, by the will of fate, had to become a village witch.
The game is waiting for you:
Quests for which you will need different drugs. Some quests are non-linear and have different endings. I will not lie, quests for now. What is there, there are not enough of them.
Potions system. For our potions are the basis of everything. With the help of them, most of the quests are passed, with the help of them one can choose from different situations. Cook the stock! And remember that a good witch, even from beer, will cook a stunning swill!
The system of collection of incidents. Remember that greed is punishable! Although not critical.
Palmistry with the opportunity to see the spicy and not very memories of the villagers.
Every morning the villagers will come and ask you to help. The award can be taken in many ways …
Welding a disembodimention potion, one can observe the hard peasant way of life.
A total of 117 events in the world (this includes random events, masturbation events, spying for villagers, etc. Not all events are pornographic.)

Hyde on cooking potions. Seriously, without potions you will not see a tenth of the content.
Collapsed text:
1. Choose the basis. Stronger – stronger effect of the potion. Straight poke the mouse in the bottle to choose. And click the left mouse button. Left, not right!
2. Go to the “Varka” tab
3. Add at least 1 ingredient, select the desired effect from the list. Ingredients with unsuitable effects will then disappear
4. Optional! Add up to 3 more ingredients to enhance the effect. There is already a test for the potions skill. It grows from the files.
5. Go to the Destruction tab.
6. If you add a few ingredients during cooking – the list of pobochek should be short. Add the ingredients until the list of pobochek not disappear. If the ingredients are not enough for distillation, you can not make a potion!
7. As soon as the list of pills is cleared, we take away our potion.

Version 0.2.3
The settings for requests are entered. You can indicate a possible deviation in the power of potions and make a 100% chance of empathy.
Default settings – possible deviation + -25, empathy works as usual.

Version 0.2.2
Fix with a line of debauchery from the peasants through requests.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: Rus
Size 1130 MB

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