Yuri University Version 0.55


Yuri University

Yuri University is a sandbox, stat-managing style visual novel, with 5 main girls for you to get to know however you’d like, plus several side characters that you can seek out or encounter through random events.

You take the character of a young woman coming to university with her best friend. Your character, whose name you can choose, has never had a relationship before, having never been interested in boys. When she meets her new uni house mates, they surprise her with their openness and sex-positivity, and our heroine quickly realises for the first time that she’s attracted to girls.
But having taken so long to realise this, she’s self-conscious about her lack of experience. Fortunately, she’s in a house filled with girls who seem to be open to some casual experimenting!

Guide your character through these blossoming friendships, deciding how you spend each day. Don’t forget about your studies – this is a university too!


New content:
Yuri University V.0.55
New content:

Library Girl scene 2.?
After scene 1, got to the library on a Saturday evening to have a chance of seeing her.?
62 images, 19 animations.?
The start of a new series of watching morning telly with Hannah and Ashley in the living room.?
Go to the living room on a Saturday morning after day 30.?
39 images.?
The start of a new series of playing a role-playing game with Hannah, Scarlett and BFF.?
Go to the living room on a Wednesday evening after the truth or dare party.?
41 images.?
New random morning event with Hannah.?
Get past day 31 to see. Relationship level 4+ recommended.?
14 images, 4 animations.?
Repeatable sex with Hannah in her sexy outfit.?
Available in her bedroom, when not in PJ’s, after relationship level 4.?


Developer: Chekkin Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.55
Language: English
Size: 4280 mb

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