Young Maria Version 8.2.0

Young Maria
Young Maria

Young Maria Young Maria

Young Maria Young Maria

You are a young girl who has recently moved to a new city with her family. Of course, with a new city comes new friends, a new school, and many new opportunities to reveal your true side… Corrupt your family, build your own apartment and turn it into a brothel, or have some fun with strangers in a variety of beautiful, quirky, and public locations. In the local shops, you can buy a range of clothes, accessories, or even a gun to defend yourself from those that may take advantage of such a pretty, young woman… Locations you can visit include a bar, beach, park, library, or even your Grandad’s farm. What can you do there? Well, that’s entirely up to you and just how perverted you want to be…?

– Added shoes, some new clothes like socks
– Changed clothes system, now there are more freedom in clothing the doll (added shoes and pants slots)
– Improved some code in a clothes shop, wardrobe, related hidden paragraphs and clothes arrays
– Removed the gold ring from accessories
– Now some clothes have new allure value and prices
– Added some style rules for clothes and wardrobe/clothes shop
– Removed old clothes pics
– Added more clothes. Shoes, stockings, pants…
– Added a lewd school shirt and skirt. Also, I added a short pencil skirt for work
– Increased start corruption points (for a sibling as well)
– Added “Perks”. You can find them in the character creation paragraph. Every perk boosts some stats (corruption/reputation/money/…)

Developer: MariaMod
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Young Maria Version: 8.2.0
Censored: No
Size: 1000 mb

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