Young Maria – Version 6.5.0

Young Maria
Young Maria

Young Maria Young Maria

Young Maria Young Maria

You are a girl, whose family decided to move to another city. New friends, new shops, a new school… Isn’t it a perfect time to show your true side? :3 Corrupt everyone you see, build your own apartment or brothel, find out what your classmate do after classes (and join her!), buy new clothes, accessories, and a gun to defend yourself, go to a local bar/beach/park/library/your granddad`s farm and do nasty thing there!?

– Fixed pregnancy restarting
– Now only humans can make you pregnant
– Finally fixed the brother sleep scene! Took me ages, goddamn. Now you can have some fun with him + the bug with adding two days was fixed
– Deleted from “pics” folder gifs never used in the game. 640Mb were removed it total
– Updated changelog view to more comfortable. Plus, the very first paragraph has “Changelog” button in the left menu
– Escape Hatch button was fixed
– Fixed Exploring the city paragraph. I added the bar to “discovered places counter”
– Now you stretch your holes from 1 to 10 points. A training adds 1 point and you need 5 capacity to be able to use a hole with Jackie
– Fixed bathroom event when parent interrupts you
– I want to say thank you to Rytis, Tux and Rachael You helped me a lot, guys

Developer: MariaMod
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Young Maria Version: 6.5.0
Censored: No
Size: 1000 mb

Download game:


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