Xorias Are Back Version


Xorias are Back

The Xorias royal family was forced to leave the city for 3,000 years and lived far from their city, Speranza saving their twin daughters. Now the daughters have grown up, Xisa is already in their hometown Speranza. Velisa returns to the city despite the categorical order of her mother Xalisa. Nora had been back in town for a few months now. The Gerard family rules with terror or pressure over the city. Nora will have to clash sooner or later with the harsh reality that lies behind the reign of her family, despite herself and her twin sister Kira doing the same? The sting of Nora and Velisa will cross and tie always like that of their twins. What fate will the two twins Gerard reserve??

10 new charcters, new Royal Family. new Spieces: Immortals and Lycans
Meeting between Vampires Hunters.
Scene With Scarlet with new outfit with Rea and New Character.
No sex scenes for Now.
New Options one is unders work in the Xorias Party.
News scenes dance between Nora and Velisa.
Little misspelling fix.

Developer: 88Michele88
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 236 mb

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