Witch Trainer – Silver Mod Version 1.3


Witch Hunter Trainer


It’s essentially a modpack of a few different mods and some new content. It adds some new scenes, a map, scene changes, potions, custom outfits and evolving outfits. At the moment it is in a incomplete state with new content and bug fixes being added periodically.

• Complete rework of Hermione’s face layer.
• A complete user interface overhaul. Thanks to AseAse1 for helping with the code for it.
• HD Upscaling for all sprite assets (lower quality version available)

• Every event, favour, and scene in the game has received improvements, updates, and bug-fixes.
• Favours that increase Hermione’s whoring level are now marked with a small star icon in the favour menu.
• Cheats will now need to be activated at the start of the game.
• Added the sex CG to the anal favour.
• You can now choose either chibis or sprites (CGs) for the sex and anal favour.

• Complete overhaul of the wardrobe with improvements, bug-fixes, and Qol features.
• Framework for a possible use with other girls.
• More on/off-toggles for things like accessories and tattoos.
• Poses for Hermione have been added to the wardrobe. They will stay active during personal favours.

• Added 14 color variants for Hermione’s skirts, pants, pullovers, her normal underwear, her silk underwear, and bikini.
• Hermione can wear the cheerleader attire from all four houses now.
• Every piece of Hermione’s wardrobe can be used with her larger breasts (except outfits.).
• Hermione’s hair-colors have received improvements. The new hair-style from the Elizabeth costume has also been added.
• Added red lipstick option.
• Added piercings.
• Elizabeth costume
• Yennefer costume

• New sex CG with Hermione.

Astoria, Tonks and Susan:
• Intro content for the three new characters as well as the framework for future scenes.
• Spell scenes for Astoria/Susan
• Tonks private favours
• Lazy town costume for Astoria

– Chibis are now fixed!

Bug Fixes
Public Shaming:
• Wear my cum – part 3
• Under the desk blowjob
• Hyper sensitivity potion (Ahegao)
• Clone potion
• New path for Hypnosis potion
• Time stop potion
• New favours
• Chit Chat Dialogue
New Private Favours
• Masturbate for me favour

Smaller/untested updates will be pushed to github as they are completed and the mega versions will be updated periodically. This is to simplify the process and hopefully lead to stabler releases.

It’s essentially a modpack of a few different mods and a decent amount of new content. It adds some new scenes, new favours, a map, scene changes, potions, custom and evolving outfits. It is in a continual state of development with new content and bug fixes being added periodically.

The best way to report errors is to create an issue on Github. If you do not have an account or you would prefer not to create an issue on a porn game then you can email me the traceback and what you were doing when the error occurred at (slavetrainermod@gmail.com).

Mo – Project Lead, lead writer, coding and mod compilation
MadMerlin – Coding (Wardrobe redesign and bug fixing) and art edits
Soggy – Art edits and new CGs (www.patreon.com/SoggyIllustrations)
STG Anon – Coding
Asease1 – Coding
Johnny – Writing
Booom313 – Mobile port for Android. You can support him here.
Sandmaster – Assitant Management, Networking, and moderation.
Magik – Networking, Management, and Administration.
Pinguino – Support, QA, being a Penguin.
UE Crew – Tutoring and additional assets
CatBug – Writing, coding and selecting some faces
UnknownError- Writing (Cho)
Anons – Art and other stuff
CaptainNemo – Art (Luna)
Artguy – Art (Heart Dancer outfit, Weasley twins, Cho)
Linear – Art (Most Outfits)
Cleanzo – Coding (Helped with the python methods)
Techy – Outfit
Amadan – Art (Madam Mafkin, Titjob Chibis)
Akabur – Making Witch Trainer (www.patreon.com/akabur)
(If you feel that you contributed to this project and would like recognition or your work removed please email me at slavetrainermod@gmail.com)

If you want to contribute something other than money, feel free to contact me about writing a scene or adding some artwork. You can also do some bug testing and file some issues at the GitHub link above.

This is basically a summary of the additional content available in WT Silver:
• New locations accessible through map
• New side characters – Weasley twins and Madam Mafkin
• New girls – Luna, Susan, Astoria, Tonks, Cho!
• Tutoring events
• Potions for Hermione – (Hypnosis, Breast expansion, etc)
• Customisable uniforms, costumes, hair colors/styles, accessories and more
• New private favours for Hermione
• New images for public events
• New public shaming events for Hermione
• Jobs for Hermione
• Cheats
• More stuff that I’ve probably forgotten

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 835 MB

Download game:


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