Virt-A-Mate v1.8.1



Release notes:
21 bugs fixed
Tweak: ResetAnimation is called on all AnimationPatterns right before save. This puts objects back in their original positions to avoid glitches during load.
Tweak: Added trigger validation system that will automatically clean up triggers if you mark morphs as no longer animatable or remove an atom that the trigger was targeting.
Tweak: Error UI is not stuck to player head to make sure it is seen and text fields were increased in size so entire message can be seen
Tweak: Improved loading screen to be consistent dark grey floor
Content: Bonus jacuzzi scenes: All backers – additional interactive scene in jacuzzi. Entertainers and Creators – additional animated scene in jacuzzi.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 5920 MB



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