Venus’s Club – Version 6


Venus's Club

Ever dreamt of managing your own sex club/brothel? Hiring beautiful women and putting them in touch with people looking for some “fun”? All of that in a lighthearted and funny* atmoshpere? Then don’ t look any further, you found what you were looking for!

Videos will now play with sound if they have some.
Added sound to most of the in-game videos (not all).
Default videos don’t have sound.
Added an option when zooming on a video to reduce and increase volume of the video.
Added an option to choose the aspect ratio of the videos when zoomed in.

Added music to the game.
Added an option in the settings menu to choose the volume of the music.
Added the possibility to add your own music in the game, through two subfolders in the “Musics” folder in the main game folder. See the “How to create a Girlpack (and add your music to the game)” PDF for more info.
Note that the game will only use music in the OGGVORBIS format.

Added the “modular booths” improvemnt for the club. It allows to select a special performance for a booth during the work phase, forcing this booth to only have client wanting this specific performance.

Added the possibility to “reset” a girl (from the staff menu) get her stats, lessons, openness… back to their basic values.

Added the possibility to choose the positionning of the portrait during lessons for the packmakers. See the “How to create a Girlpack (and add your music to the game)” PDF for more info.

As always, don’t forget to move all of your girlpacks into the new game folder!

Developer: Tobe
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Venus’s Club Version: 6
Censored: No
Size: 2140 mb



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