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Thinking About YouThinking About You

Thinking About YouThinking About You

Thinking About YouThinking About You

Thinking About You When we enter the story, our hero is preparing for his new employment by moving in with his sister, Julia, since her home is much closer to the bookstore where he now works. Julia is a mid-20’s banker who, once close to our hero, had drifted apart when she went to college. She is an intelligent skeptic with a good sense of humor and a soft spot for her little brother. She lives with her room-mate, Eva, who we find won’t be home for a few days (not in the demo). It seems Eva had a rather unfortunate first meeting with our hero, but he aims mend their friendship. As of now, our hero’s main concern is a man named David, who Julia works with. He must get David to leave Julia alone at all costs and destroy their planned date for the cinema on Friday.”
-Summary by jpsimon?

What’s new in v.035?
“Pineapple for Kiddo” – new erotic scene between v.02 and v.03.
“Watching photos with Julia” – a long erotic scene with many interesting possibilities (fingering, foot fetish, mutual masturbation with an unexpected ending). This scene looks a bit different depending on whether you are “firm” or “submissive”.
Unfortunately, I found an error in the game code in v.03. If you kissed Eva in the cinema, and then you tried to “go as far as you can” with Julia in the bathroom, there will be a crash in v.035. In that case, you have to play the bathroom scene again before you start v.035.
This is Ren’Py, so you can always skip the scenes you’ve already played.

Platform: Windows + Android
Language: English
Version: 0.35 + Incest Patch
Censored: No
Size: 1520 mb



Download Android(0.3):


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