The Secret of Hokwiton Version 0.2.0


The Secret of Hokwiton

In The Secret of Hokwiton, you accompany our main character named Harmony on her adventure, attending her first year in the magical school, Hokwiton. As if diving into a new world full of magic wasn’t enough, many secrets are waiting to be discovered. On your adventure, you will meet many interesting characters and magical creatures and make new friends along the way.?


The last missing class: Defence against dark magic.
A surprising adventure with a fight against a dangerous enemy, that can lead to a game over scene.
The first summoning ritual.
And finally the first romance scene <3
disabled the deletion of save games when pressing the restart button
introduces loading screens to increase game performance (old savegames might be not compatible)


Developer: AlpineBiscuits
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.0
Language: English
File size: 540 mb

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