Taboo Island Version 2.0


Taboo Island

This is an RPG game that combines elements of adventure, collection, battle, love, etc. In this game,
you will play a guy on a deserted island and meet various heroines of different styles.
At the same time, as the plot develops, the truth of the island will be revealed…?


Added early game prompts
Added game title interface
Fixed a bug when opening the camera
16 Family Travel Benefit Photos Added to Camera
The institute has added four new monsters such as plant zombies, parasitic giants, hellhounds, and face-hugging insects
Unlock the entire -2F Institute
Added the story of Chiyo Mihara
Added Kate’s plot
Added Ingrid’s plot
Added zombie dungeon system
Added 24 new dynamic portraits of characters
Added 5 plot animations
Added 45 sweet SEX animations
Added 1 Kate dance animation
Add animation of elevator lift
Added kissing content
Add QTE system
Modified some of the gain systems in the game


Developer: Fengzi
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Taboo Island Version: 2.0
Language: English , Simplified Chinese
File size: 1480 mb

Download game: