Sissy Dream v0.02

Sissy Dream

Sissy Dream

You are a young man who wakes up in a dungeon to discover that he has been commissioned by a company called M.M.Y.D.
for a subversive gender-switching experiment at the behest of a client who wants to have you at all costs.
Face sexual and embarrassing situations,
decide how problems will be solved and experience incredible moments in this game about:
Crossdresser, Trap, Gay, Submition, Feminization, Domination, Subversion and Sissification.
Will you manage to escape or will you succumb?


– add galery
– add quest system
– add profile panel
– add locomotion system
– Add Hair System
– Add Cosmetic system w/ lashers
– Add Cosmetic and hair store
– add gift system for vips
– new character Meinu
– new character mr pig
– new character erika
– new character dungeon dog
– new ambient dungeon entrance
– new ambient laundry
– new ambient photo studio
– new event w/ erika on shower room
– new event w/ erika on eveliny secretary office
– new event on glory hole 01 – 02
– new events “Caged Bird”, “Kawaii Trainer 01” on photo studio
– new events on dungeons “Way to Laundry”, “Sam’s is alive”, “a passage through the sewer”
– new training Hight heel w/ advisor
– 03 new hairs style! (total 5)
– 01 new cosmetic (batom) (total 2)
– 02 new cloths usable “erika cloth”, “pink flower 02”, (total 3)
– 04 new cloths unusable “towel male”, “towel female”, “naked”, “caged” (total 5)
– 16 quests
– add 600 new dialogue lines (1200)


Developer: Games PornStar 69
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.02
Language: English
Size: 208 mb

Download game:


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