Sheroni Girls – The tournament of Power v0.7 Public


Sheroni Girls

In Sheroni Girls you get to play Lucy, a 18 years old human-hybrid, who is just about to finish her training. She has it especially hard because she is half human and can’t transform like all the other Sheroni girls but this doesn’t stop her to work as hard or even harder as everyone else to become a worthwile protector. On the other hand she is still a virgin and a prude and others might take advantage of her.

New Content:
-You can now use condoms before having sex if you have any in your inventory (Doesn’t work if you are getting mind controlled or are too horny/drunk to think about protection)
-You can now get pregnant if you don’t use a condom (30% chance if creampie, 10% chance if he pulls out)
-You can now use the pregnancy test to check if you are pregnant (you need to do that to actually start the pregnancy, pregnancy duration can be set at this event aswell)
-You can now talk with your boyfriend/girlfriend about your pregnancy (event might vary greatly depending on who you are together with or who the father is)
-Added several small pregnancy related events
-Added a new talk event with your mom after you did a pregancy test
-Added several new renders for Lucy in her pregnant state
-Added birth event + some interactions with your baby at home
-Added Marcus’ apartment which can be visited if you are in a relationship with him
-Added 1 repeatable h-scene at John’s home if you are in relationship with him
-Added 1 repeatable h-scene at Marcus’ home if you are in relationship with him
-Added 1 new H-scene with Marcus at April’s party if you are his girlfriend
-Added 1 new H-scene in the bathtub at home if you have enough lust
-Added 1 new H-scene with Marcus while being heavily pregnant (animated)
-Added 1 new H-scene with John while being heavily pregnant (animated)
-Added 12 sexy calendar pages hidden all over the town, if you find them all you might unlock a nice reward

Updated Content:
-Replaced some low quality renders with better ones
-Bugfixes and minor changes

Developer/Publisher: Draga
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.7 Public
Censored: No
Size: 1000 mb

Download game:


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