Sheroni Girls – The tournament of Power v0.9a Public


Sheroni Girls

Sheroni Girls

In Sheroni Girls you get to play Lucy, a 18 years old human-hybrid, who is just about to finish her training. She has it especially hard because she is half human and can’t transform like all the other Sheroni girls but this doesn’t stop her to work as hard or even harder as everyone else to become a worthwile protector. On the other hand she is still a virgin and a prude and others might take advantage of her.


v0.9a Public
New Content:
-Added the second town into the game (8 new maps)
-Added a new map and event that happens while you travel
to Woodcock
-Added Woodcock’s introduction events and first main story quest
-Added some events for Angie at the beach
-Added 2 H-scenes involving Angie in Woodcock
-Added 1 new beach event for April’s pet path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new beach event for Kira’s girlfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new beach event for John’s boyfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new beach event for Marcus’ boyfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene on Kira’s girlfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene on April’s pet path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene on John’s boyfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene on Marcus’ boyfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added a second meeting in the Janitor’s base (will unlock after you arrive in Woodcock)
-Added a new quest to the Janitor’s path (just the quest indikation, more janitor content coming with v0.10)
-You can now buy a Bikini in Idamville (once you met the requirements)
-Added a new variant scene to the bathtub masturbation on Stella’s (Lucy’s mom) date night (Idamville)
-Added the new scenes to the gallery

Updated Content:
-Using the mine advances time by one now
-Using the secret entrance at the mine only advances time by one instead of going straight to the evening now
-Added proper night lighting at the Training refuge and Master’s Base
-You can now skip and auto-win Britney’s and April’s race on PE class at school after you lost at least 2 times
-You can now sell materials and items at the Weapon & Armor Shop in Woodcock
-Text revision, minor changes and bugfixes


Developer/Publisher: Draga
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.9a Public
Censored: No
Size: 1190 mb

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